“Invest in our future while developing yourself. What a wonderful way to build community.”

Our Focus is to build community. We contribute to community revitalization effort through building up young people. So when your organization signs up to train with LYFEhouse, those funds will be used to help us continue our work.  Will you help us make a difference in someone’s life by committing to make a difference in yours?

To assist youth in realizing their potential, LYFEhouse offers a corporate training program. This training program is a call to action for organizations to contribute to the lives of our future workforce by purchasing leadership training.

If you, your team or your organization are looking for strategies to increase your quality of leadership, your ability to be effective in obtaining successful outcomes for your customers or even reaching your own personal goals, consider training with us. We offer a variety of growth and leadership strategies to meet your organizational needs.

Lunch and Learns – We can all get a little busy at times but the lack of time is not an excuse to deprive yourself of your own development. So what better way to fuel your growth than to do it while you fuel your body. During lunch you can treat yourself and even your team to a short presentation on one of John C. Maxwell’s leadership philosophies or any of LYFEHouse curricula. This informal yet informative training session is a great way to keep your momentum and an awesome introduction to self development.

Masterminds – Gather your team together to do a deep dive study of a John C. Maxwell text. The mastermind format accelerates learning and is a great team building tool. Over a 5 week period, your team members will engage in a process of tapping into each other’s genius that leads to tearing down stale ideas, deveoping new ones and developing confidence. This study is sure to accelerate corporate and individual growth.

Other Opportunities – LYFEHouse also offers:

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Workshops, Seminars and Courses
  • Customized Training


Obtain invaluable training in the John Maxwell curriculum while being showcased as a LYFEhouse community partner as well as sponsoring the training of deserving youth in the community.

“I really enjoyed working with Ms. Keira. She is a wonderful person and very passionate about youth and getting them where they want to be in life.” 

Sample Programming:

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Everyone Communicates

Available in Mastermind, Lunch & Learn, Workshop and Customizable Training formats

Everyday we interact with people and miss the opportunity to make an impact. Delve into this book and learn how you can establish and maintain connection through learning how to communicate the right way.

Becoming a Person of Influence

becoming a person of inflence_150

Available in Mastermind, Lunch & Learn, Workshop and Customizable Training formats.

Learn simple and practical ways to interact with those around in such a way that you can change the course of the day, inspire and motivate and gain buy in for your  vision. John C. Maxwell states  “Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.”


5 Levels of Leadership

Available in Mastermind, Lunch & Learn, Workshop and Customizable Training formats.

Leadership is not the position you hold or the title you guard. It is so much more. Learn how you can advance through the 5 levels of leadership and begin to drastically impact your circle of influence by utilizing these proven steps to maximize your potential.


Customizable Training

LYFEhouse is able to develop training curricula based on your own personal needs and requirements. Submit your request and let us prepare a training outline for you with no purchase obligation. We want to meet your needs!!

All programs can be delivered in person or via teleconference or webinar series. Visit our Contact Us page to request more information. 
“The LYFEhouse Mastermind group session was a valuable experience to my group as a manager. It allowed me to reflect on my leadership styles and how to improve in any areas necessary.” – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind Participant.

“When given the opportunity a good leader will seek interactions that are helpful to their development, especially when it comes to addressing best leadership practices. This was a wonderful opportunity to share those experiences and address areas of ‘needs improvement'” – N. Ferguson

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