About Us

About Us

LYFEhouse is fully committed to building community by providing exceptional and affordable personal, professional development programs to youth, families and the agencies that serve them.

Our Goal is to enhance the quality of life of every single individual we touch through our trainings, coaching relationships and powerful life changing events.

About the Founder


Keira Simmonds, founder of LYFEhouse Inc, is passionate about personal development and the pursuit of knowledge.  She graduated from York College, City University of New York with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.  After which she pursued and obtained her Masters in Management and Leadership from Webster University.  As a certified independent coach, speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell team, Keira endeavors to join you in uncovering your purpose and passion and assist you in identifying the solutions that will lead to your best results.

With over ten years of experience working in human services, she has realized that successful outcomes are a direct result of a positive outlook and a transformed mindset.

“Although life throws curve balls our way most often we are our greatest obstacle and success barrier.  We let our attitudes lead us into behaviors that make our life’s journey tiresome and unfulfilling and then suddenly we realize that we are drained of our fighting spirit and gusto.  However, life does not have to be that way. You can wake up ready to tackle life’s challenges and embrace its blessing with an open heart and mind.  You can get beyond yourself to accomplish more than you can dream and begin to impact others in ways that you cannot begin to imagine”

Let us live your journey with you by allowing us to enrich your life for success and significance.

Meet our Board Members:

Mark Bernard – Vice President (Atris Technologies, LLC)

Lisa Walls – Treasurer (FIS)

Shareen Baptiste – Secretary (DreamOnPurpose)

Jessica Baker –  Director (UF Career Connections Center)

Patrice Nichols-Fletcher – Director (Joel SMA Life)

Meet our Volunteers:

Larissa Aguiar  – Social Media Strategist, Community Password

Francisco Perdomo – Social Media Strategist, 12 Months of Leadership

Sean Bernard – Student Volunteer