Volunteering – A Natural Serotonin


A Natural Serotonin

Written by Francisco Perdomo
Photo credit: Ray Sangga Kusuma 

As you may or may not know, April is a national volunteering month throughout the world. Have you ever helped someone out before? Whether it’s holding a door for someone or even going to the full extent of donating your time to a cause for free, volunteering can go a long way. I can’t speak for others, but when I volunteer, I genuinely have a good feeling that runs throughout my whole body. It’s like natural serotonin. For some people, the more you give, the happier you feel. We learn from a Harvard Health study that, “Studies have shown that volunteering helps people who donate their time feel more socially connected, thus warding off loneliness and depression.”

I personally recently donated my time to the staff of LYFEhouse, an incredible nonprofit organization that has been amazing to me since the minute I was hired to volunteer. Being extremely flexible with my schoolwork, Keira has tasked me with helping as a social media intern while giving me amazing tools to work on their social media pages and even blog posts. I couldn’t find this experience anywhere else and feel that my time here as a volunteer is extremely beneficial for my professional development.

LYFEhouse shares with you five great reasons to get involved in your community and serve, not only for this month but any time in your future.

1.) Make a Difference

2.) Build Skills

3.) Make Friends

4.) Improve Health

5.) Explore Interests.

As a senior in college, I can assure you that all these skills are worth having and are worth your time and hard work. Signing up to volunteer can be as easy as a google search or even talking to a teacher who is usually fairly involved in the community. Sign up today to volunteer and you won’t regret it!

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