The Best Advice My Brother Gave Me

The Best Advice My Brother Gave Me

Written by: Francisco Perdomo
Photo by: Jude Beck

National Financial Literacy Month is recognized in the month of April throughout the United States to teach people about the importance of financial literacy and how to maintain healthy financial habits. Growing up in a tightly knit Latino household, my parents gave me every asset they could to succeed and let me focus on my studies not forcing me to get a job. This was a pro and a con for my near future. As a high schooler and younger, I did not know any financial values. Thankfully, my older brother, Alejandro, achieved a master’s in finance and was able to give me some tips when I enrolled in college and was ready to live on my own and get a job.

Some of the best advice my brother gave me was the true value of money and how much of your time it takes to gain money. After working 25-30-hour workweeks during my first two years of college, I knew how much effort it took to get money. Although it was extremely satisfying after I got my paycheck, I tended to spend my money less and be more careful in what I bought because I knew just how much hard work it took to get that money.

Another great tip my brother gave me that has stuck with me until this day was that when you get money and you are on social media, don’t let the celebrities and famous personalities posts distract you from the real importance of money. The average person does not spend their money on designer clothes and exotic cars as you see on the internet, so don’t waste your money on it. If you ever get to the point in life where you feel you have extra money for things like that, to each their own. Splurging on yourself every once in a while is human nature, but saving your money can be extremely beneficial in your long term goals and dreams.

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