Family Services

We promote and support the emotional health of families. All of our services are supported by personal growth principles such as group coaching. Participating in our coaching experiences is sure to make your family feel Happy, Healthy and Whole.


Family Fit & Fun Challenge

Join LYFEhouse and Gertner Grind for family fitness event for the Gainesville community. Fun for ages 3+.

We have come together to promote health and wellness as a family unit.

Those that PLAY together GROW FIT together.

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for our next family fitness event.




Life is better when we live it together. Group coaching is an incredible tool for growth and development and the best thing is, it is done with and for the ones you love.

Vision Coaching Experience – How powerful is it to plan your future together? We spend time to develop itineraries for family vacations, portfolios for retirement and for finances but do we ever truly stop to plan for life in general. What is it that you collectively want to achieve, what is your family’s vision, what do you value collectively. Book LYFEhouse to walk you through that process. Success is inevitable when everyone has a stake in its arrival. Info coming soon….

Inpowerment Mastermind – Going on a journey alone can be intimidating and uneasy. Especially for caregivers. During this mastermind opportunity, caregivers come together to learn and support each other through one of the most stressful times in their life. Masterminds consist of  a group of no more than 10 individuals who are guided through growth principles that help them get through hard times. Through group discussion and the sharing of experiences, services, techniques and ideas participants equip themselves with tools that will forever enrich our lives and the lives of their family members. More Info coming soon….

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