Social Services

Social Service Professional (SSP), are often faced with individuals who have experienced "Life" and unfortunately their present is shaped by it. SSPs have the awesome responsibility and dare we say privilege to help color their present and shape their future by providing support that helps build resilience. This takes a labor of love. Yes, it takes a whole lot of work.

LYFEhouse understands that there are many great agencies that uplift families and support young people. No great achievement ever happens in silos. We truly believe that we are stronger, healthier and more effective together than we are apart. As a result, we have committed to support our fellow agencies through professional development initiatives so that we can strengthen each others service delivery, empower our staff, achieve our outcomes, build partnerships and most of all support our youth and our families.

Community Password - An online community that supports human service organizations in the Gainesville and Alachua County, Fl area. Currently running as a Facebook group. Community Password provides an outlet for social service professionals (SSP's) to collaborate, network and share information. There are big plans for this budding coalition. Request to join our Facebook group here.


Stay tuned for upcoming events and trainings.


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