Youth Services


Looking for exciting leadership training for your youth group. LYFEhouse is proud to offer:

A grouping of 4 essential lessons for young people that sets them on a course to being productive
members of society. They will learn to:

1) Stand Up and Be Counted
2) Develop a Positive Self Image
3) Develop a Strong Moral Character
4) Learn to Fail Forward toward Success

Unleash the Power of Authentic Communication through this 3 part Career Readiness Training.

Watch as youth are empowered as LYFEhouse guides them through the basics of building a career, one word at a time:

1) Unleashing the Power of ‘I’
2) Resumes and Cover Letters that Stand Out
3) Nailing the Interview

Gain clarity on career goals and make real steps towards achieving their dreams.

Career Launch Intensive is a career coaching program for youth between the ages of 16 and 21.  Individual coaching and mentoring from LYFEhouse staff help aspiring youth actively work towards creating an individualized career plan while engaging in tailored enrichment activities that excite them with purpose and fills them with confidence.


Join us for our week long Summer Leadership camp. This half day camp will be full of self exploration activities and discussions with a focus on character development and self esteem. Campers can expect to do arts & crafts, fitness training and even take part in designing and delivering their very own service project.

Time: 8am to 12pm. (drop off starts at 7:30am)

Location: Santa Fe GTEC

Age Group: 10 – 15 years

Limited space available. Register here 


Global Youth Initiative

The time to influence the leaders of tomorrow is NOW!!

The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative is an international movement comprising hundreds of free YouthMax community events with topics ranging from leadership development, to anti-bullying, self esteem and more to help the youth in communities around the world thrive.

LYFEhouse has committed to bringing this awesome programming to the youth of Alachua County for free during April 24 to 30th. Curriculum is perfect for youth ages 8 -18.  If you are interested in being a youth leadership site, contact us today.


Individual Coaching – Developing a meaningful relationship with young people can make all the difference. We often forget that young people not only have needs but they have dreams, goals, wants, and desires. However, they often do not know how to communicate that to a caring adult (if one is present). Engaging with a LYFEhouse coach can help young people navigate their thoughts and help them articulate these desires.  Youth who participate in an coaching experience are not only able to develop a life plan and clarify their goals but actually take their own steps to make their dreams a reality.

It often takes someone from the outside who is dedicated to their success and is willing to invest in their ideas to help them tap into their own potential and start growing toward their best selves. We are a non-judgmental counterpart that  is not afraid to support a well thought out “crazy” idea. We provide a listening ear and insist on sorting through the thoughts and behaviors that  confirm and contradict their most authentic self.

Call us to find out more: 352.745.3570

Training –  LYFEhouse trainings are centered around self discovery and skill building. Trainings can be customized for large and small groups and are usually 1-2 hours in length. Topics include leadership, character development, career readiness and much more.

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