Volunteer Opportunities

Check out our current volunteer needs below:

Special Projects Coordinator

We are looking for a Community Enthusiast who will liaise with community agencies in and around the Gainesville-Alachua county area and spearhead special projects. Your engagement will help us provide social service professionals with valuable industry insight, tools and best practices while your educational savvy will help us develop training curricula. If you have a passion for community and a desire to change lives, we could use your talents.

Camp Leader

Our Youth Division is ready to get camp’ified’ and we are in need of Energy Catalysts like yourself. We have day camps, summer camps, Parents Night Out Camps and the like.

Position Expectations: You are the treasured keeper of our curriculum which you will be entrusted to deliver. First and foremost, you must have a love of young people and their potential. Secondly, great presentation and facilitation skills are a must. We will require you to have Hawkeye vision so that you are able to stay alert while children interact. We want them to be safe, be uplifted as well as have fun. Abilty to organize and lead activities in a manner that ensures learning is a goal that has to be met.

Time Commitment: Rigid. Scheduled in advance.

Social Media Guru

We are actively looking for a social media King/Queen who is passionate about community. If that is you and you have no qualms about hard work and are eager to give back and volunteer, we could make use of your awesome talents to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy fit for our budding non profit.

Position Expectations: You, our Royal Online Conversationalist, will be actively engaged in managing our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We specifically want someone that has creative ideas to implement online marketing campaigns that drive engagement, and conversions. You will also be responsible for sourcing and producing content to ensure the social media channels are up to date, relevant and interesting. Applicants must have exceptional written skills and a keen eye for detail.

Time Commitment: Flexible. Adherence to a consistent weekly schedule preferred.

CopyWriting Genius

The ability to capture hearts and minds through written prowess is a true gift. So if you have a way with words, we want you on our team.

Position Expectations: You, our Living Pen, will work diligently volunteering your word savvy and excellent command of the English grammar (when necessary) to enhance the lives of young people and families. Your ultimate goal is to get people excited about our upcoming events, and leading others to donate to our cause.

  • Responsible for marketing copy for events, website and other communication as needed.
  • Provide copy editing for blog posts, training materials and even resumes.
  • Develop a unique voice for LYFEhouse communications.
  • Is an independent, effective, and timely worker.

Time Commitment: Flexible. Adherence to a consistent weekly schedule preferred.

Research Nerd

Oh, theory how I love thee! If curiosity is your personality quirk and you can couple that with an insane ability to make the complex simple AND you are not afraid of data. We want you as a volunteer.

Position Expectations: You, our Insight Analyst, will be an important driver of what we do next. Your ability to support and manage ongoing projects that will monitor, evaluate and guide the work we accomplish is invaluable. You will be responsible for developing surveys, conducting interviews, analyzing the information gathered and compiling the results. You will be the face and voice of LYFEhouse, so great interpersonal skills are a must. Multiple volunteer positions available.

Time Commitment: Seasonal & Flexible. Adherence to a consistent weekly schedule preferred.

Community Engagement Strategist

If you are a skilled conversationalist destined for a career in sales, this volunteer opportunity may be what you are looking for. Put your gift of gab to work as you wow potential stakeholders with your awesome presentations skills and ability to communicate value.

Position Expectations: You, our Vision Ambassador, will primarily work out in the field, attending meetings and giving presentations about LYFEhouse programming. You will have an in depth understanding of our mission and be able to masterfully create partnerships that will advance it. You must also be able to put together sponsorship packages and cold calls are to be expected. Networking experience is a must and you must be comfortable going with the flow.

Time Commitment: On call & Fluid. You let us know.

Event Planner Extraordinaire

What do we do? We train. So events are a must. Big and Small you will be involved in it all. If you have a key for crowd flow and engagement techniques, we need you as a volunteer.

Position Expectation: You, our Experience Engineer, will work on a per project basis. Don’t worry we have multiple so be prepared to work on teams to make our dream a reality. You will be responsible for coordinating fundraising events, conferences and trainings. Developing strategies for filling the seats, and entertaining the crowd while they learn and have fun is your primary purpose. Our events are for all ages, so you must have a flair for the creative. Be prepared to help us plan and market events, secure sponsorship and ensure that the supporters understand the importance of their contribution to the charity. Organization and Communication expertise are a necessity for this position. Virtual planning meetings will be used. So you must be computer savvy.

Time Commitment: Seasonal & Flexible. Adherence to a consistent weekly schedule preferred.

‘IT’ Guy/Gal

The ability to translate our ideas into code to allow technology to further our mission is a 21st century need. If you have an interest in website design, programming and database development, we will look no further because you are IT.

Position Expectations: You, our Code Creator, will be responsible for understanding, developing and filling our website and application needs to include maintaining and developing software integration with internal databases. As our go to IT, you will be able to determine the feasibility of requests and provide accurate work estimates and schedules. Help us fill our digital divide with your custom code in PHP, JavaScript and other programming languages that we have no clue about. A little birdie told us that we are looking for people who are familiar with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

Time Commitment: Flexible.

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